The Message

“To enter the extensive areas of Ceenom, the exalted phase destined for humankind, a comprehensive endeavour needs to be initiated at once. A high-level team of responsible, dedicated, competent intellects with strong scientific background and logical thinking is needed to comprehend matters directly, subject them to observations and evidences, and fulfil the obligation to convey to humankind. This Message is part of this effort…” Ceenom 01:2

“The members of the team must be dedicated, serious, not sticking to speculations, and must be able to take a bird’s-eye view from great heights, think deeply, analyse logically, accept facts only if they agree to reasoning based on minute evaluation of factual evidences. Only such a team can proceed unerringly with responsibility on a journey humankind could never undertake so far, and realise, acquire and convey the supreme truth…” Ceenom 17:3

“This Message is complex, serious and concerns a completely unfamiliar phenomenon involving learning to intellectually read logical evidences existing in visible material realm and through the reading touch the unseen with the intellect. The matter demands formation of a team of competent…” Ceenom 19:1

“As everything living and nonliving, nature and plants, species under water, on land and in air are each closely related to the human mind and its functioning, it is essential that a high level team of competent biologists and psychoanalysts with logical thinking and sharp observation join at once…” Ceenom 21:2

Wisdom of supreme significance relating science and humanity gets revealed. Confirming all phases of knowledge from first human until now, it exposes the causal basis behind everything. Its realm includes the bases of hue and mathematics, particles and cells, species and planets, stars and galaxies, water and air, in short everything. From the physical and functional characteristics it is possible to decode the primal reasons of why each object and living being formed and functions that way. This understanding will guide us to the causality of formation and functioning of the entire universe. To enter the extensive areas of Ceenom an exceptionally proficient team of responsible intellects is needed to grasp matters and convey to humankind. Universities such as Oxford, Harvard, MIT and Cambridge, research centres like NASA, ESA, CERN and LIGO, reputed scientists and Nobel laureates, all heads of nations, leaders of religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, academies of science and judiciary, UN bodies, scientific journals and media including BBC, National Geographic, Discovery and Animal Planet need to act together in this most important moment. The Message is only a preface and has been communicated to over 2000 most reputed places the world over. Since the whole universe and its entire phenomena are set up for human, the sublime creation, Before the First Pulse Before the First Particle of the countless galaxies, we as humans are obliged to find the fundamental causal laws–Causality of Causality–determined in that undisclosed state. Just as life and body are essential for a soul’s presence, this evidence-based Wisdom is essential for the journey of humankind to its destination. With clear logical thinking, we must enter the most extensive area at once.   Abdul Khader


07 Ceenom: The Inevitable


CAUSAL BASIS: The Revealing Wisdom takes us from observed material facts to depths of true causal bases. It appears before the intellect with the support of science and evidences as a significant, essential and perfect system that guides from the present level of scientific understanding of matter, its functioning, beliefs and conjectures to unimaginable profundities of true wisdom of Causality. The distance human traversed during the last 2000 and more years is certainly big. It is our duty to gather that knowledge and convey it promptly to future generations. How can we squander time on speculations or stick to practices with no causal basis just because they are conventions or ancestral habits? In the past, many great personalities have exposed important principles and theorems as solutions to myriad intriguing problems. Theorems such as the gravitational law, theory of evolution and theory of relativity enabled human to travel fast to realms of knowledge, paving the bases for and as indispensable phases of deep thinking and reaching to truths. But even while every settling particle testifies to the gravitational law and oceans stick to the Earth’s surface from all around, it remains just a theorem; the origin of energy for this attraction evades us. We see the mutually attracting particles as its cause while our weights constantly bear witness to the attraction. As we approach the speed of light, ordinary calculations do not hold; yet, the theory of relativity continues as just an empirical theory. The countless evidences that a species cannot but evolve, do not make the theory of evolution a fundamental truth. Let us submit before every great mastermind who brought great gifts, dedicating entire lives. Human is about to undertake a great journey in which every Scripture and fundamental principle from ‘Om’ toceenwill be explained before the intellect. The present world comes to an end. A new phase emerges that unites the entire humankind into one community, instils fraternity and creativity, provides infinite peace and tranquillity, and leads with excessive speed to noblest positions in science and basic understanding befitting the human intellect. It leads to the most important wisdom of why I and you, and with us nature, species, Earth, planets, solar system, galaxies and the entire universe, have evolved and function this way. The fact that it has been given to one human mind signifies the knowledge has been disclosed. Hence it is the foremost responsibility of every intellect and thinker to hasten to know the Certain Reality and to take part in this unique, unparalleled moment. After the immense scientific progresses from the first human until now, humanity stands at the most significant stage of advancing towards true wisdom–exposing of the true causal basis. It is time to realise the causality of Causality.


WISDOM: Unique significant matters descend before human, leading to an inevitable, rejoicing era. It is sensed that we approach this with absolute attention, responsibility and care. Humanity is guided to the origin of space-time-consciousness, enjoining peace and exposing the huematical theory of everything. It is a most serious, profound phase that manifests intricate matters of supreme significance. Remember that anything that is not sensible to logic should not be believed blindly. However, as proofs appear only before a reasoning mind, ponder deeply and begin to learn about the Revealing Wisdom carefully but at once. To enter its extensive areas, a team of dedicated, highly competent intellects needs to be formed immediately. The Message is arranged into several highly condensed but infinitely sublime Chapters and Subjects. The Essential Signs appearing in Ch:02 contain fundamental reasons for the evolution of mathematics and the basic founding laws of the solar system. It takes the entire humankind to very fundamental matters: to the reason behind the formation of the universe, to the very First Cause in the cause-effect chain, the effect of that cause transforming into the cause for the next, and continuing to this Wisdom getting revealed before us now. This Message is intended for serious reading and must be approached with keen attention and logical thinking. Repeated reading is essential as the matter is unfamiliar, intricate, subtle and elusive. Proceed slowly from each subject and thought to the next. Hue, mathematics, formulae denote space, time, consciousness, the three fundamental constituents of everything. An essential phase to the final truth discloses the origin of the universe and the origin of causality. We must subject facts taking place around us and the feelings they arouse to deep intellectual scrutiny. Remember, we were once in water, in the womb. Including the needed systems, we were provided with all the necessary expanse. After that mass-related (space) phase, know that in this universe, in this ‘womb’ related to ‘time’ now, the expanse and freedom we feel are only temporary. We need to proceed further to what we call as ‘death’, the true abode of human soul–the consciousness phase. Though this may seem inconceivable in shallow thinking, this is the truth. The mathematical basis of causality behind geometric forms and their inherent relationship with the formation of the solar system, its planets, moons and active planetary marks is beginning to be disclosed with clear logical proof. The Message exposes profound facts regarding the cause for the evolution of the physical world and its living species that have not appeared to any of the existing ways of thinking. We must hasten to enter logically the fundamental reality of creation, a causal-based lively system. As this phase is distinct for human from first presence until now, this marks the end of the present phase and the beginning of a phase supported by science, intellectual thinking and firm causal basis.


UNFAMILIAR: The human trait that hindered us from believing the round Earth theory at first continues to influence us. Unfamiliar matters appear unbelievable initially; gradual learning removes this disbelief and truth gets comprehended. A significant phase of science related to primal truth eagerly awaited from time immemorial unfolds before humankind. The mysteries behind nature and its design continue to elude us despite the great progress in physical sciences. This phase discloses with logical evidence why objects and living beings exist and function the way they do. Its realm includes everything: bases of hue and mathematics, particles and cells, species and planets, solar system and the entire universe. This is the beginning of a sublime phase of wisdom of the unseen preserved for humanity by nature that must be transferred to generations. It discloses the complete human journey with details of history and of every transaction starting from the very first human, without any discontinuity or omission of even the remotest of tribes. It depicts the true but concealed inner characteristics and outer features of every species of plants and animals that exists now or has become extinct. Besides, it provides us with a clear understanding of human mind and consciousness. Human is about to know “who and what for I am” and “wherefrom and whereto I am”. The intricacy of this Message extends endlessly. As unfamiliar matters remain obscure and occasional obstacles are likely to hinder human mind from grasping the depths, explanations from different directions may seem to contain repetitions. Matters discussed are facts that remained undisclosed so far but that must appear before the human intellect at once. It is necessary to deepen the meanings of words that we use as the existing words have limitations. As we get familiar with the Message, the word meanings will naturally expand. For example, a society observing an ocean for the first time presumes an average depth in comparison to what they see of its surface. It took hundreds of thousands of years to understand that it is in fact deeper than twice the height of the highest mountain chain on Earth. Thus the word ‘ocean’ got redefined. It is a fact that human lived on the flat Earth for several millennia without noticing any shortcoming. Even while the spherical Earth did not occur in their distant thoughts, the Earth was indeed spherical. Thus the word ‘Earth’ got redefined. As none of the matter discussed in this Message has ever occurred in the remotest thought of human on Earth until now, in its absence we are like the generations that lived on the ‘flat’ Earth. But as facts appear with causal basis before the intellect, just as the present generation cannot return to the flat Earth it will be impossible for future generations to return to the present stage in any sense.


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06 Ceenom: The Opening


LEARNING: We exist upon this solar system and think about the unseen supreme truth with a tiny part of the Original Consciousness. Mathematics has not disclosed the cause for its formation yet except its value or positions. We call a particular mathematical order the golden ratio; so far, it just had a mathematical structure but not a form of its own. Colour is a command from the Source; light and matter are made reasons for it to appear. The 3 basic colours red, green, blue denote space, time, consciousness; expanding its value thrice based again on space-time-consciousness, we get the 9 stages or digits; the natural numbers and golden sequence meet at 5; this when added to itself dissolves in fulfilment. These laws existed before the formation of particles and not after. Testifying evidences are recorded precisely upon the Sun, the planets, their arrangements, active signs and phenomena, in myriad happenings on Earth, in nature and species, in human anatomy, in the structure of atoms and cells, and in the entire universe. The ‘human face’, distinct from everything else in the universe, is a depiction of laws of space-time-consciousness and a form of golden ratio. It is also a system intended to gather, testify and expose instructions of the Unseen. It reveals human deeds markedly as masculine and feminine. As we are a depiction of the unseen, and as human is the only species with intellect allowed to enter the unseen systems and true mathematics of the universe, let us try to learn a little. If a baby in the womb is asked about its stay it promptly replies, “This and only this can be my abode, safe and quiet”. But after a stage the same baby utters, “I cannot stay here a moment longer”. Based on laws of space-time-consciousness, that was the first womb, the first essential phase. In this second ‘womb’ of time phase as vast as the universe, we are surrounded by visible, live lessons about the unseen. We must enter the third consciousness phase. The first was the necessary step for the present; the present is the preparatory stage for the third ‘unseen’ phase, our true destination. Three denotes space-time-consciousness, the basis of mathematics; the mathematical operators denote the related laws of the universe. In short, mathematics represents mathematics itself and is intricate and profound. The measure of mathematics behind the universe and its energy are trivial when compared to mathematics underlying consciousness. In the absence of consciousness, mathematics needed for mass and energy in a body alone functions. But, as consciousness enters, it extends boundlessly. A particle gets its mass and energy; its consciousness keeps it functional for all its time. The entire visible universe gathered matter and energy; its unseen consciousness remains as the most fundamental fact and an existing system in reality.


MATHEMATICS: Our body and life acquire the mathematics they need for existence; consciousness draws it too, but to an incomparably greater extent. In the absence of consciousness, the body slips into sleep, unconsciousness or coma. During coma, nature is burdened to preserve the body for the return of consciousness. As no other consciousness can enter a body, it cannot be put to any other use until the consciousness returns; and as life persists the body cannot be recycled either. Although the body and life are invaluable, they are trivial when compared to consciousness. The measure of mathematics that acts in matter and energy within a particle or in the entire universe is unthinkably huge. Drowsiness and inaction do not affect them as they are not prescribed in their laws. The measure of mathematics behind the universe’s consciousness is incomparably immense. It is consciousness that retains an atom, cell or a planet in its path. It is this underlying law that we name as particle or the universe. As consciousness is in the unseen, the entire visible universe turns insignificant in comparison. We may wonder what the ‘unseen’ is. This is like a fish looking for water or we, surrounded by air, searching for atmosphere. The place intended for soul is the ‘unseen’. We only enter the live physical body from the unseen and return after fulfilling our deeds. Each day, our consciousness stays away leaving behind the body and life; it may return the moment the two are disturbed, for protecting the system or for completing its deeds. The soul guards the two from accidents; hence, we are unable to escape accidents while unconscious. Were we not in the unseen or were we travelling from the visible to the unseen and back, the soul should have remained here before our birth and after death. Hence, the unseen is our permanent abode and not the place we frequent. We can identify the true, evidence-based knowledge that reaches us primarily as three based on laws of space, time and consciousness. From the first human, knowledge that remains closest to us and are constantly felt by the five senses such as finding water, food and proper dwelling, evading dangers and coping with primary matters that we encounter each day can be seen related to matter and its response. This knowledge is to be included in matter realm. Reaching out to knowledge in time that is yet to arrive us based on functioning of matter and going to depths of acquired knowledge by logical reasoning is termed science and research. This knowledge can be included in time realm. In these two realms, at each time, persons or groups who work with awakened mind beyond the existing thought surpass in the first phase in gaining livelihood and dominance in regions of their stay. In the second time realm, deeper thoughts of philosophers and reformers results in greater progress in science. It is natural that the upper hand in time realm too is for societies that think deeply and acquire more knowledge in science and research.


WITNESS: In space and time realms, even if they are small groups or known nations now, as the basis of knowledge is matter and its functioning, it gives rise to mutual competitions. From the first human until now, injustice, invasions and attacks continue to take place because knowledge, the resulting benefits and dominance are based on matter and the physical universe, and because the third consciousness realm is yet to arrive. Red and green represent the first two realms and can be physically touched as the shades of soil and foliage on Earth. Though our body and life represent matter and time, in the absence of consciousness, it is like an unconscious person or one in coma. Just as the person wakes up as consciousness enters, that knowledge expands to the blue of the sky as the blue shade joins. We cannot touch it physically. Just as the transparent water receives that blue and transforms to its own deep ocean blue, human is able to recognise that knowledge with intellect and to think about the soul. Human is distinct from the rest of the species due to the magnificent ability to perceive the unseen with thought and the consequent superiority. The prophets delegated to myriad societies time and again belong to this realm. They work based on commandments and instructions from the unseen without the aid of acquired knowledge from physical sciences. The time the blue shade denoting true consciousness guides humankind to its fullest degree is near. This phase confirms every prophet and scripture. All past prophets and scriptures are witnesses to this phase. Also, every reformer and philosopher that has led humankind forward all these years will be delegated to testify this phase; all scientists, researchers and the invaluable knowledge and technology from nano- to macro-levels that they brought us will act as proofs. As we are at the earliest stage of intellection, it is necessary to undergo a rigorous preparation with dedication. The sublime Message to fulfil this birth obligation of human is getting revealed. Message Ceenom is only a brief introduction to the most comprehensive matter; 12 intricate chapters are held back in it. Those capable of analysing human values, scientific matters and natural phenomena on strict causal basis, unbiased, dedicated and having strong motive to join this deed of guiding humanity to its intended destination on a peaceful, tranquil path are urged to interact at once. They must read the Message repeatedly with absolute attention and deep thinking. Be affirmed that agencies such as NASA and ESA, universities like Oxford and Harvard, everyone involved in the highest levels of research and thinking, religious and philosophical leaders, heads of nations, Government of India and UN have a very important responsibility in this unique, significant and reassuring moment in human history.


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05 Ceenom: The Testifying


REVOLVING: Humans lived on the flat, immovable Earth from the earliest of times. Anything that could move was always anchored onto it. The Earth was for them a truly flat and perfectly motionless system. It was upon this rigidly fixed, unmistakably stable and genuinely sincere belief that the spherical and moving status of the Earth had to be established, a fact absolutely unbelievable then. It was not their fault that many could not believe it; it was just one unavoidable stage in the development of the human mind. Perhaps, even today, many in the remotest areas of the Earth continue to hold to this belief. Aware as we are about the Earth’s motion, to us it still feels flat and stable, daring us to build great cities on it. This matter pertains to the Earth where examples could be drawn physically. The matter of this Message lies in the unseen beyond the physically observable realm like our consciousness; so this has to encounter the above difficulty with much greater severity. But one thing must be borne in mind: if this is approached with earnest attention and deep thinking, the facts will surely begin to appear, slowly and gradually at first; but quicker soon. Humankind continued to believe in a geocentric system in which the Sun, Moon and planets orbit around the Earth until Copernicus proved this to be incorrect and showed that the Earth and other planets orbit the Sun. Even now, the Sun and the Moon appear to go around us in much the same way. We recognise the truth of the heliocentric system only by virtue of our scientific knowledge. A contradiction persists: neither does the Sun orbit the Earth nor the Earth orbit the Moon. But the non-orbiting Sun and the orbiting Moon give the same feeling in direct observation. Keen observation, necessary scientific knowledge and resources, and logical reasoning alone can expose hidden factual content. Such a preparation is essential for comprehending the Revealing Wisdom. The Sun and the Moon appear thus due to the precise spin of Earth. For disclosing anything in true perspective, it is essential to approach it in the right way. If our mind’s motion–the way of our thought–maintains the right trajectory and speed, we will surely encounter the fact in its true form. If we are logically alert, unbiased and capable of clear, deep thinking, the truth cannot but appear before us consistent with our speed. To travel from the limited atmosphere to infinity the human mind must gain inner strength to overcome speculations. What we perceive as matter and its functioning from an atom to the infinite galaxies of the universe is the true, established facts of the unseen and their laws. This includes our body too. It is only the human mind that is set to logically identify the unseen final truth. Approach this Message with utmost care as humanity enters its true birth-intended destination.


FOOTPRINTS: Mathematics and geometry are the fundamental footprints of the universe and expose basic facts. The origin, principles and inner laws of mathematics are getting revealed in a most momentous period human is about to enter. This is the beginning of a significant phase of science that explains why things exist the way they do. It includes everything from the tiniest of subatomic particles to species, planets and beyond. The explanations, though intricate, are based on observable facts and sound logic. An unusual hexagon, 30,000 km across (more than twice the diameter of the Earth), spotted at the north pole of Saturn after 15 years of polar night (NASA movie), testifies to the great Revealing Wisdom. Jupiter and Saturn are closely related and the hexagon represents an important principle of nature. To transfer this priceless wisdom meticulously, a team of competent intellects with keen observation, rational thinking and diverse scientific background needs to be set up at once. This requirement is the objective of this Message. High-ranking universities, research centres including NASA and renowned researchers have been informed and are urged to interact immediately. This also takes us to a great phase that correlates and exposes the underlying causes behind important historic accounts from the time when human civilisation began recording history as messages for future generations in the form of markings, symbols and scripts to this day. So far, we could only interpret historic events as independent in their limited context, failing to see their inter-connection. The evolution of species too has important but hidden correlations. The counting of time based on rotation of planets, the reason why Moses came in Egypt and met with the Pharaoh, the mysteries behind the Egyptian system of counting days and time, the Mayan calendar and the enduring proofs, the reason for the Hebrew alphabets, scripts and their numeric values, why it was essential for Jesus to have come and gone, and the Arabic letters, the Quran and the conclusion of numeric value in Arabic, are not independent, isolated incidents. They are all closely-related as evidenced by the clear proofs that continue to emerge. A great period of time awaits us now, marking the end of one and the beginning of another much more significant, thought-provoking and rejoicing phase. Hence get ready to be the very first witness. Read with great attention and care; try to do justice to yourself. Not rejecting a thing once clear evidences are obtained is as important a condition as not believing anything until proofs are confirmed. Just as it is impossible for us living on this swift globe to even visualise a flat and motionless Earth now, many of what we now hold as realities will soon vanish as gross ignorance of the past. The strong but obscure interrelations in history, atoms, cells, species, planets, the solar system and beyond will appear distinctly as our approach becomes dedicated, and observation and logical reasoning sharper.


INVISIBLES: Species around us were identified through direct observation from the very beginning. But we had to wait until Leeuwenhoek discovered the microbes to recognise the existence of a whole world of species invisible to direct observation. Even after demonstrating his microscope with magnified views of the body parts of insects, it took time for the scientific community to believe him and the microbial world. Just as a baby takes wobbling steps in early stages of walking, the society passes through stages of stumbling steps as it passes from one level of knowledge to the next. This is not a fault. This is an inevitable stage in the development of human mind. Whoever is able to overcome this stage a little earlier with hard work will find the content of this easier to comprehend. This will certainly prove to be a great responsibility that they fulfil to themselves, the society and the forthcoming generations. The entry of technology in science depends upon the approach to research. Results emerge when the approach is rightly built upon past experience. It is time to begin to view space-time-consciousness, the very fabric of the universe, with the right perception. As we begin to enter the inner phases of acquired knowledge even when matters that have existed around us all along appear directly face-to-face as proofs, they at first seem hard to conceive, subtle and deep. For the same reason, our own past experience with the species around us, the planets in the solar system, the Sun or its light, the mathematical order or colour of light, water or oxygen, or the countless phenomena that exist around us may act as the main obstacle in our learning beyond the material world. The sincerity to long-held beliefs causes this. How the flat Earth in our mind turned spherical and began orbiting the Sun instead of the Sun orbiting it, how the Moon that orbits us and the Sun which we orbit appear to move around us in so much the same way that both are used for timekeeping, or how the invisible world of microbes appeared before us, each has important living lessons for us to learn from, to proceed to this magnificent phase opening up ahead. Understand that all these have been happening to provide us the required experience essential for the imminent onward journey. The disclosing phase extends to infinity, holding everything in its scope. Every object, fact and experience directs us to ‘why’ it exists in that specific way: the butterfly and its peculiar life cycle, the pouched mammals delivering undeveloped young, the decisive Y-chromosome in males, the noble gases with 2 or 8 valence electrons, the 2nd and 8th planets rotating retrograde, the 8 planets but 9 orbits, the blue Earth at 3rd position and its single moon, the asteroids at 5th, Jupiter at 6th and the great red-spot, and Saturn at 7th with its spectacular ring and the hexagon.


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04 Ceenom: The Destined


FLAWLESS: We will soon realise the numeric pad [123;456;789] is a mathematically flawless Divine Scripture disclosed along with human nature and a compendium of final instructions describing the three states of space-time-consciousness, making up the 9 stages in the intended destination for human. If a Scripture with its contents, though not completely defined, exists amidst us in formula form for centuries, identifying it at once will be a moment of great hope for humankind. Beyond the exterior purposes it serves, any system in the universe exists at the basic inner descriptions encoded minutely in its atomic or cellular structure. If we were to proceed minutely to the basic rules underlying the exterior instructions and advices in a Scripture, it must have originated at those levels with those bases. Like any particle in the universe, that Scripture too must observe this rule. It must be alive, creative and final. The ‘material’ part of a Scripture is its letters, the ‘life’ part the phonemes and the ‘soul’ its consciousness; its content lies in the meanings of its phonemes. We will soon know that matter is made of Scripture (law) and not Scripture made of matter. This is why a particle or cell obeys laws of nature as soon as it originates. Planets Venus and Uranus (2nd and 8th) retrograde; 2 and 8 valence electrons indicate chemical stability; computer bits and bytes too depict 2 and 8. A Scripture recorded this way must have 28 letters, with one letter denoting the Source that speaks and the remaining 27, the deeds of human. As the interpretation lies at nanolevel, the language such a Scripture has evolved in, its letters and phonemes should be such that, since those phonemes are final, each of those must denote space, time, consciousness. So, its every letter must have precisely 3 sounds, and must match with the structure and functioning of atoms. Such a unique Scripture has been existing amidst us for more than a millennium. We are nigh to the appointed time for its true disclosure. The entire scientific knowledge acquired so far is necessary to comprehend it. Books of mathematics and hue flow beneath it. Its content must scientifically define the purpose of creation of the universe. If each particle is a formula to proceed minutely, that Scripture too should have got evolved in formula form. Normally a formula vanishes if added to a language and exists only in pure formula form. Only nature or a Supreme Power, if such exists, can make a formula function both as formula and language. This is equivalent to creating one particle or the universe, evolving it and sustaining it. Just as water is the basis for life and oxygen for its existence, such an evolved Scripture must build the mind, keep it alive and guide it to the intended destination. Such a Scripture must exist in every phenomenon and its functioning and in the structure of atoms and cells.


AWARENESS: Human has had a long time when he relied on sound and gestures to communicate, followed by another era of signs and inscriptions; then he sketched various shapes and creatures in nature, including himself. His first letters thus were pictograms and glyphs. To access remote areas of knowledge he mastered geometry and its intricate laws. Human was then passing through a code of laws established before the origin of the universe. One who learnt the profound laws of geometry can, through its diverse lines, logically and speedily plumb the depths of knowledge. Geometry empowers us to send our systems pursuing our thoughts to where we intend and project cosmic perspectives into us. A stage is revealed when, behind these geometric lines, matter and wisdom, we recognise with proof that the basic laws of how we and the universe came into being are inscribed. As it is impossible to enter into the intricacies of very fundamental laws without learning from the first lessons, only a general description is possible here. Humankind is greatly indebted to the innumerable dedicated scientists and the extensive experimentations for all the precious knowledge gathered until now. We are about to understand matters that cannot enter our minds but through direct and in-depth study, something that, if explained, can fill a huge volume; something that draws out evidences in succession of the causal relations in the origin of the universe in terms of mathematics, space and time. We will know that geometry has its own form, and all the forms we call geometry are other evidences inscribed within geometry; that the golden ratio is not just a mathematical order but that forms in the universe follow golden ratio because they contain the laws of the golden ratio, but that golden ratio has its very own form; that what we call numbers are only mathematical positions we use, that the phenomenon of mathematics, an order, has causal relations all its own, that the causal relation that brought mathematics into being is the same causality of the origin of the universe, and that the entire universe is enclosed in mathematical order for this fundamental reason. Human now stands in front of the very profound, serious and responsible awareness that human, the species with infinite logic surpassing everything in the universe and the tremendous capacity to analyse facts by visualising the unseen, is the fundamental reason behind all the laws. Some of the Essential Signs in Ch:02 are fully drawn; some are drawn in outline with inside marked with calligraphic mathematical order. As these facts and Signs are most important, intricate and demand deeper insight, only the mathematical order is given until the preliminaries are adequately grasped. Did creation of the universe that began with the first particle target the human soul, and are we its consequence? The status of human then is a matter of utmost seriousness and concern. We must begin our journey at once, with proof, towards the basic law that all humans are one.


TEMPORAL: The Revealing Wisdom confirms all phases of knowledge from first human until now brought by prophets, reformers, scientists and thinkers and discloses primal facts with clear, logical evidence. It takes us to inner principles behind everything beyond the material and operational knowledge. Our mind knows time as a phenomenon that cannot move backward but moves only forward. This is so as time is a revelation; for any revealed thing, it is impossible to return to an unrevealed state. An event that has taken place in the universe, a system that has formed, an animal that is born or a plant that has sprouted is not in its non-existent state even if it ceases to exist now; it is only that it has come and then disappeared. It means, time is the state in which phenomena, facts or living beings continue to appear. It is inscribed as motion in every particle and cell in the entire universe. We count it based on the solar system relative to the motion of its planets, cells or atoms. Revelations must continue as long as time exists and vice versa. As every exposure is a continuation of one past event, only human who can sense the unseen with intellect gains ability to travel to the first particle or to the origin of the universe. As intellectual status alone entitles one as human, only one with active intellect can grasp the revelations before him, position himself at origin of the universe, travel to this point in time, and witness the countless proofs and wisdom. Such an active mind will distinguish truth from speculations based only on causality. Far more than a law that controls every process including our thoughts, mathematics is a command and a condensed Book. Basic colours kept as 3 based on space-time-consciousness trio brings the entire material universe beneath one single law. The numbers kept as 9 and the form given to human face with positions of vision and hearing are based on this. Deciding man and woman, the laws of chromosomes and DNA, the ownership of X-chromosome being kept with both man and woman while Y- provided only to man, are based on this. If an individual is the line joining the zygote to its death, this time is its life-time. To rightly grasp the basic laws in that live presence, most important revealed geometric forms appear in Ch:02 and covers. They include the Earth we live on, our deeds during the prescribed time and the ways of conduct with the unseen laws that created the universe. Laws revealed as depictions convey direct, unending interpretations. It is time to begin reading these Signs. What is more delightful than to realise that the Ultimate Guidance appears before us with the support of every universal phenomenon known to us! To enter the extensive areas of Ceenom, a team of dedicated, competent intellects with representation from every human group needs to be formed at once.


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03 Ceenom: The Evidence



FIRST CAUSE: As the cause behind the formation of the first particle is the cause behind the organisation of the universe, that single Cause is more profound than the entire universal phenomena. In every atom and cell, energy and life, in the reasons and modes of their functioning, mathematics operates ceaselessly. Hence, mathematics is the universe. It acted behind the formation of the first particle too. Only space and time were present then; for them to be functional, the unseen consciousness too was necessary. Time is a feeling that shows the live state of energy and motion. In this mathematical law in consciousness, time acts as energy, and space as the medium of functioning. In the absence of anything besides these three, a sublime law from an unseen Commanding Source acted as the Cause. That cannot but be from a Commanding Source. The only possibility there was to have a flow of energy in space; the same mathematics exists even now. The universe originated from either a single particle or countlessly many but all at one time, from the cloudy infinite atmosphere to the present form with billions of stars, galaxy clusters and black holes. Black hole handles in every nanosecond far more energy than myriad galaxy clusters together, and will guide us to the First Cause. They will fetch facts for thought before the intellect. While exploring the origin of the universe, should we think about the first particle or before it, a First Cause? Know that the First Cause is before the first particle. The only system that deserves to be led to the First Cause is the human mind. We know that an unseen Supreme Phenomenon or Power acts as the Cause behind transactions of known universe. Human mind moulded in the nature of intellectual scrutiny toils to reach to the initial stages of ways of functioning of the Supreme Power. The great endeavours of scientific world strive to redefine ‘mass’ and ‘energy’ at CERN and LIGO. Human is the only species that can realise that these are possible only by an infinite single Source that has control over every particle in the universe at the tiniest level. The achievements in mass and time phases by CERN and LIGO have further clarified the paths to space and time. With all achievements, the stage that we have now reached is the dormant condition of a sleeping person with mass (space) and energy (time). We will recognise him as he wakes up with consciousness in that body and life. We see the universe today with every particle asleep with its mass and energy. But it is based on a precise Consciousness that each particle and this great universe has originated and exists. As we recognise that Consciousness, the live universe with no lifelessness anywhere begins to speak. Let us call this discourse the Commandments of the Creator. As the unseen infinite First Cause is the Supreme Power, and human is the only species in the universe created by that Cause with unequalled ability to think about the Supreme Power, human mind is the single unseen effect that resulted from that Great Cause.


BASIC HUES: Golden ratio is an ordering of numbers; it indicates the structure and state of matter. Geometry is a combination of lines and curves and denotes motion. Motion relates energy and time. Consciousness, the primary cause, can enter only when matter (space) and life (time) are complete in it. The distinct form of face given to each individual is a strict order. We distinguish it precisely among countless faces. Human provided with ultimate intellect and ability to think about true laws of the unseen is the ‘cause’ for the creation of the universe. A form that represents human must denote his/her consciousness and the common human face, and must include the golden ratio (space) and geometry (time). The Essential Signs depicted in Ch:02 denote space-time-consciousness, the own forms of golden ratio and geometry, and form of human face. Some of them are drawn as evolved and others with calligraphic mathematical forms as content. Scriptures caution us about Signs revealed in drawn form. Human is the only species that can think intellectually beyond time about the eternal unseen Supreme Consciousness while staying in the unseen spiritual domain and learn facts by probing into causal relations of universal phenomena. We need to begin reading into a phase when just as cells testify to living beings, chemical elements testify to the material universe. If the great phenomenon called the universe got evolved, began functional and is maintained for the sublime creation the human is true, the exposure of the infinite, profound and compact Book that describes every fact prescribed for that mind is much more important than the formation of the first particle of the physical universe. This phase of first entry of human to the destined abode is far more significant than the successful landing of a space craft on a remote planet after repeated failures. The three fundamental feelings that cannot be eliminated from the mind even if we wipe out the entire material universe are: space, time, consciousness. Denoting these 3, every particle is accompanied by the 3 basic hues: red, green and blue. On Earth, the soil, foliage and sky represent these. As a particle exists only as long as its mass, energy and deed exist, and as the three hues denote these 3, a particle cannot exist without these 3 basic hues is a law. Thus the 3 hues are the basis for the existence of a particle, and so the universe. As space, time, consciousness is made a law for human mind, and as the strict rule prevents the mind to elude the law of colour, it is impossible to eliminate space, time, consciousness from the mind. The state of the 3 hues existing as the 3 feelings of space, time, consciousness is termed the live state. Multiplying these 3 by the 3 hues provides the 9 stages of mathematics; these 9 govern every particle. Beyond nine (9) we lose it in salvation (nullity, 0).


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02 Ceenom: The Humanics



PREAMBLE: Solar System, the intended abode for humankind, is a Divine Scripture determined at the beginning of creation and the Preamble to the Universe. Being alive as humans, the unique species able to think about the unseen and define its causal relations, we must hasten to learn about ourselves, species around us, nature and its phenomena, the wide collection of scientific knowledge discovered by untiring scientists over centuries, and the divine wisdom brought to us by prophets and visionaries. We must learn about the origination of the solar system that includes our home the Earth, and begin to comprehend this Preamble of the infinite universe. We are on the cusp of a profound disclosure satisfying the extreme intellect and befitting the loftiness of human, the sublimest creation in the universe–about to disclose myriad universal truths of essential, unresolved mysteries. A team of exceptionally competent intellects is needed to enter the realms of this Revealing Wisdom.


EXISTENCE: All systems in nature are related to existence and protection. Any destructive tendencies felt anywhere are only temporary phenomena towards existence, not disaster. In this heavenly abode of virtue and existence, only human mind establishes vice and disaster. All the prophets that have come and gone, the scriptures they left behind, truths free of conjectures, reformers who strove to prevent humankind from slipping into ruin and guided to light; scientific teams that reach to nanolevels and fetch knowledge about formation and composition of matter; brave groups that study species under ocean, on land and in the sky, and bring much knowledge before us regarding their nature and traits; space researchers that study and collect intricate scientific knowledge about organisation and functioning of the solar system and universe; and every centre that carries out studies and research about the origin of the universe, have a role in this forthcoming phase of ceenom.


NINE STAGES: Mathematics that controls, operates and nurtures matter, energy and nature of the entire universe including our body is formed from 9 stages: the 3 facts of space, time, consciousness that cannot be removed from thinking; the 3 related human feelings; and the representing 3 basic hues that fill matter, and the Book of light that exposes and explains the entire universe before us. Beyond ‘9’, mathematics concludes the stage of our return to our abode, the unseen. As mathematics is essential for us, we use the concluded ‘10’ as a unit infinitely. Densely included in these 9 stages of mathematics are all scriptures and principles. As the body and life elements that constitute the medium for a forthcoming soul is prepared, centring the sperm and egg that meet for this, the Divine Rules turns into a great guiding system that defines with mathematical precision the birth at its source, the duties of the owners–the parents, what the deeds of a human in this birth are, which is the simple and fast way to this, how one’s destination should be set in the straight path, and how high and exalted a state that human is organised in. Let us name this system that includes space, time, consciousness, the related feelings and the representing hues from the physical knowledge phase as huematics. But as this system is solely for the human mind, its true name is realised as humanics. It is you and me. Put differently, nature itself is me and you; any disaster we afflict it amounts to self-affliction. We need to form a team of at least 1000 competent experts from all known branches of science at once. Know that while we view from physical sciences, the way of nature appears as huematism; the way to human destination is in fact humanism; both are one; this is recorded in every particle and in the entire universe. From the moment the law of mathematics prescribed for human mind began functioning on the first particle to this phase of ceenom, the true descriptions of these Divine Rules remained hidden.


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