The Message

“To enter the extensive areas of Ceenom, the exalted phase destined for humankind, a comprehensive endeavour needs to be initiated at once. A high-level team of responsible, dedicated, competent intellects with strong scientific background and logical thinking is needed to comprehend matters directly, subject them to observations and evidences, and fulfil the obligation to convey to humankind. This Message is part of this effort…” Ceenom 01:2

“The members of the team must be dedicated, serious, not sticking to speculations, and must be able to take a bird’s-eye view from great heights, think deeply, analyse logically, accept facts only if they agree to reasoning based on minute evaluation of factual evidences. Only such a team can proceed unerringly with responsibility on a journey humankind could never undertake so far, and realise, acquire and convey the supreme truth…” Ceenom 17:3

“This Message is complex, serious and concerns a completely unfamiliar phenomenon involving learning to intellectually read logical evidences existing in visible material realm and through the reading touch the unseen with the intellect. The matter demands formation of a team of competent…” Ceenom 19:1

“As everything living and nonliving, nature and plants, species under water, on land and in air are each closely related to the human mind and its functioning, it is essential that a high level team of competent biologists and psychoanalysts with logical thinking and sharp observation join at once…” Ceenom 21:2

Wisdom of supreme significance relating science and humanity gets revealed. Confirming all phases of knowledge from first human until now, it exposes the causal basis behind everything. Its realm includes the bases of hue and mathematics, particles and cells, species and planets, stars and galaxies, water and air, in short everything. From the physical and functional characteristics it is possible to decode the primal reasons of why each object and living being formed and functions that way. This understanding will guide us to the causality of formation and functioning of the entire universe. To enter the extensive areas of Ceenom an exceptionally proficient team of responsible intellects is needed to grasp matters and convey to humankind. Universities such as Oxford, Harvard, MIT and Cambridge, research centres like NASA, ESA, CERN and LIGO, reputed scientists and Nobel laureates, all heads of nations, leaders of religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, academies of science and judiciary, UN bodies, scientific journals and media including BBC, National Geographic, Discovery and Animal Planet need to act together in this most important moment. The Message is only a preface and has been communicated to over 2000 most reputed places the world over. Since the whole universe and its entire phenomena are set up for human, the sublime creation, Before the First Pulse Before the First Particle of the countless galaxies, we as humans are obliged to find the fundamental causal laws–Causality of Causality–determined in that undisclosed state. Just as life and body are essential for a soul’s presence, this evidence-based Wisdom is essential for the journey of humankind to its destination. With clear logical thinking, we must enter the most extensive area at once.   Abdul Khader