05 Ceenom: The Testifying


REVOLVING: Humans lived on the flat, immovable Earth from the earliest of times. Anything that could move was always anchored onto it. The Earth was for them a truly flat and perfectly motionless system. It was upon this rigidly fixed, unmistakably stable and genuinely sincere belief that the spherical and moving status of the Earth had to be established, a fact absolutely unbelievable then. It was not their fault that many could not believe it; it was just one unavoidable stage in the development of the human mind. Perhaps, even today, many in the remotest areas of the Earth continue to hold to this belief. Aware as we are about the Earth’s motion, to us it still feels flat and stable, daring us to build great cities on it. This matter pertains to the Earth where examples could be drawn physically. The matter of this Message lies in the unseen beyond the physically observable realm like our consciousness; so this has to encounter the above difficulty with much greater severity. But one thing must be borne in mind: if this is approached with earnest attention and deep thinking, the facts will surely begin to appear, slowly and gradually at first; but quicker soon. Humankind continued to believe in a geocentric system in which the Sun, Moon and planets orbit around the Earth until Copernicus proved this to be incorrect and showed that the Earth and other planets orbit the Sun. Even now, the Sun and the Moon appear to go around us in much the same way. We recognise the truth of the heliocentric system only by virtue of our scientific knowledge. A contradiction persists: neither does the Sun orbit the Earth nor the Earth orbit the Moon. But the non-orbiting Sun and the orbiting Moon give the same feeling in direct observation. Keen observation, necessary scientific knowledge and resources, and logical reasoning alone can expose hidden factual content. Such a preparation is essential for comprehending the Revealing Wisdom. The Sun and the Moon appear thus due to the precise spin of Earth. For disclosing anything in true perspective, it is essential to approach it in the right way. If our mind’s motion–the way of our thought–maintains the right trajectory and speed, we will surely encounter the fact in its true form. If we are logically alert, unbiased and capable of clear, deep thinking, the truth cannot but appear before us consistent with our speed. To travel from the limited atmosphere to infinity the human mind must gain inner strength to overcome speculations. What we perceive as matter and its functioning from an atom to the infinite galaxies of the universe is the true, established facts of the unseen and their laws. This includes our body too. It is only the human mind that is set to logically identify the unseen final truth. Approach this Message with utmost care as humanity enters its true birth-intended destination.


FOOTPRINTS: Mathematics and geometry are the fundamental footprints of the universe and expose basic facts. The origin, principles and inner laws of mathematics are getting revealed in a most momentous period human is about to enter. This is the beginning of a significant phase of science that explains why things exist the way they do. It includes everything from the tiniest of subatomic particles to species, planets and beyond. The explanations, though intricate, are based on observable facts and sound logic. An unusual hexagon, 30,000 km across (more than twice the diameter of the Earth), spotted at the north pole of Saturn after 15 years of polar night (NASA movie), testifies to the great Revealing Wisdom. Jupiter and Saturn are closely related and the hexagon represents an important principle of nature. To transfer this priceless wisdom meticulously, a team of competent intellects with keen observation, rational thinking and diverse scientific background needs to be set up at once. This requirement is the objective of this Message. High-ranking universities, research centres including NASA and renowned researchers have been informed and are urged to interact immediately. This also takes us to a great phase that correlates and exposes the underlying causes behind important historic accounts from the time when human civilisation began recording history as messages for future generations in the form of markings, symbols and scripts to this day. So far, we could only interpret historic events as independent in their limited context, failing to see their inter-connection. The evolution of species too has important but hidden correlations. The counting of time based on rotation of planets, the reason why Moses came in Egypt and met with the Pharaoh, the mysteries behind the Egyptian system of counting days and time, the Mayan calendar and the enduring proofs, the reason for the Hebrew alphabets, scripts and their numeric values, why it was essential for Jesus to have come and gone, and the Arabic letters, the Quran and the conclusion of numeric value in Arabic, are not independent, isolated incidents. They are all closely-related as evidenced by the clear proofs that continue to emerge. A great period of time awaits us now, marking the end of one and the beginning of another much more significant, thought-provoking and rejoicing phase. Hence get ready to be the very first witness. Read with great attention and care; try to do justice to yourself. Not rejecting a thing once clear evidences are obtained is as important a condition as not believing anything until proofs are confirmed. Just as it is impossible for us living on this swift globe to even visualise a flat and motionless Earth now, many of what we now hold as realities will soon vanish as gross ignorance of the past. The strong but obscure interrelations in history, atoms, cells, species, planets, the solar system and beyond will appear distinctly as our approach becomes dedicated, and observation and logical reasoning sharper.


INVISIBLES: Species around us were identified through direct observation from the very beginning. But we had to wait until Leeuwenhoek discovered the microbes to recognise the existence of a whole world of species invisible to direct observation. Even after demonstrating his microscope with magnified views of the body parts of insects, it took time for the scientific community to believe him and the microbial world. Just as a baby takes wobbling steps in early stages of walking, the society passes through stages of stumbling steps as it passes from one level of knowledge to the next. This is not a fault. This is an inevitable stage in the development of human mind. Whoever is able to overcome this stage a little earlier with hard work will find the content of this easier to comprehend. This will certainly prove to be a great responsibility that they fulfil to themselves, the society and the forthcoming generations. The entry of technology in science depends upon the approach to research. Results emerge when the approach is rightly built upon past experience. It is time to begin to view space-time-consciousness, the very fabric of the universe, with the right perception. As we begin to enter the inner phases of acquired knowledge even when matters that have existed around us all along appear directly face-to-face as proofs, they at first seem hard to conceive, subtle and deep. For the same reason, our own past experience with the species around us, the planets in the solar system, the Sun or its light, the mathematical order or colour of light, water or oxygen, or the countless phenomena that exist around us may act as the main obstacle in our learning beyond the material world. The sincerity to long-held beliefs causes this. How the flat Earth in our mind turned spherical and began orbiting the Sun instead of the Sun orbiting it, how the Moon that orbits us and the Sun which we orbit appear to move around us in so much the same way that both are used for timekeeping, or how the invisible world of microbes appeared before us, each has important living lessons for us to learn from, to proceed to this magnificent phase opening up ahead. Understand that all these have been happening to provide us the required experience essential for the imminent onward journey. The disclosing phase extends to infinity, holding everything in its scope. Every object, fact and experience directs us to ‘why’ it exists in that specific way: the butterfly and its peculiar life cycle, the pouched mammals delivering undeveloped young, the decisive Y-chromosome in males, the noble gases with 2 or 8 valence electrons, the 2nd and 8th planets rotating retrograde, the 8 planets but 9 orbits, the blue Earth at 3rd position and its single moon, the asteroids at 5th, Jupiter at 6th and the great red-spot, and Saturn at 7th with its spectacular ring and the hexagon.


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