04 Ceenom: The Destined


FLAWLESS: We will soon realise the numeric pad [123;456;789] is a mathematically flawless Divine Scripture disclosed along with human nature and a compendium of final instructions describing the three states of space-time-consciousness, making up the 9 stages in the intended destination for human. If a Scripture with its contents, though not completely defined, exists amidst us in formula form for centuries, identifying it at once will be a moment of great hope for humankind. Beyond the exterior purposes it serves, any system in the universe exists at the basic inner descriptions encoded minutely in its atomic or cellular structure. If we were to proceed minutely to the basic rules underlying the exterior instructions and advices in a Scripture, it must have originated at those levels with those bases. Like any particle in the universe, that Scripture too must observe this rule. It must be alive, creative and final. The ‘material’ part of a Scripture is its letters, the ‘life’ part the phonemes and the ‘soul’ its consciousness; its content lies in the meanings of its phonemes. We will soon know that matter is made of Scripture (law) and not Scripture made of matter. This is why a particle or cell obeys laws of nature as soon as it originates. Planets Venus and Uranus (2nd and 8th) retrograde; 2 and 8 valence electrons indicate chemical stability; computer bits and bytes too depict 2 and 8. A Scripture recorded this way must have 28 letters, with one letter denoting the Source that speaks and the remaining 27, the deeds of human. As the interpretation lies at nanolevel, the language such a Scripture has evolved in, its letters and phonemes should be such that, since those phonemes are final, each of those must denote space, time, consciousness. So, its every letter must have precisely 3 sounds, and must match with the structure and functioning of atoms. Such a unique Scripture has been existing amidst us for more than a millennium. We are nigh to the appointed time for its true disclosure. The entire scientific knowledge acquired so far is necessary to comprehend it. Books of mathematics and hue flow beneath it. Its content must scientifically define the purpose of creation of the universe. If each particle is a formula to proceed minutely, that Scripture too should have got evolved in formula form. Normally a formula vanishes if added to a language and exists only in pure formula form. Only nature or a Supreme Power, if such exists, can make a formula function both as formula and language. This is equivalent to creating one particle or the universe, evolving it and sustaining it. Just as water is the basis for life and oxygen for its existence, such an evolved Scripture must build the mind, keep it alive and guide it to the intended destination. Such a Scripture must exist in every phenomenon and its functioning and in the structure of atoms and cells.


AWARENESS: Human has had a long time when he relied on sound and gestures to communicate, followed by another era of signs and inscriptions; then he sketched various shapes and creatures in nature, including himself. His first letters thus were pictograms and glyphs. To access remote areas of knowledge he mastered geometry and its intricate laws. Human was then passing through a code of laws established before the origin of the universe. One who learnt the profound laws of geometry can, through its diverse lines, logically and speedily plumb the depths of knowledge. Geometry empowers us to send our systems pursuing our thoughts to where we intend and project cosmic perspectives into us. A stage is revealed when, behind these geometric lines, matter and wisdom, we recognise with proof that the basic laws of how we and the universe came into being are inscribed. As it is impossible to enter into the intricacies of very fundamental laws without learning from the first lessons, only a general description is possible here. Humankind is greatly indebted to the innumerable dedicated scientists and the extensive experimentations for all the precious knowledge gathered until now. We are about to understand matters that cannot enter our minds but through direct and in-depth study, something that, if explained, can fill a huge volume; something that draws out evidences in succession of the causal relations in the origin of the universe in terms of mathematics, space and time. We will know that geometry has its own form, and all the forms we call geometry are other evidences inscribed within geometry; that the golden ratio is not just a mathematical order but that forms in the universe follow golden ratio because they contain the laws of the golden ratio, but that golden ratio has its very own form; that what we call numbers are only mathematical positions we use, that the phenomenon of mathematics, an order, has causal relations all its own, that the causal relation that brought mathematics into being is the same causality of the origin of the universe, and that the entire universe is enclosed in mathematical order for this fundamental reason. Human now stands in front of the very profound, serious and responsible awareness that human, the species with infinite logic surpassing everything in the universe and the tremendous capacity to analyse facts by visualising the unseen, is the fundamental reason behind all the laws. Some of the Essential Signs in Ch:02 are fully drawn; some are drawn in outline with inside marked with calligraphic mathematical order. As these facts and Signs are most important, intricate and demand deeper insight, only the mathematical order is given until the preliminaries are adequately grasped. Did creation of the universe that began with the first particle target the human soul, and are we its consequence? The status of human then is a matter of utmost seriousness and concern. We must begin our journey at once, with proof, towards the basic law that all humans are one.


TEMPORAL: The Revealing Wisdom confirms all phases of knowledge from first human until now brought by prophets, reformers, scientists and thinkers and discloses primal facts with clear, logical evidence. It takes us to inner principles behind everything beyond the material and operational knowledge. Our mind knows time as a phenomenon that cannot move backward but moves only forward. This is so as time is a revelation; for any revealed thing, it is impossible to return to an unrevealed state. An event that has taken place in the universe, a system that has formed, an animal that is born or a plant that has sprouted is not in its non-existent state even if it ceases to exist now; it is only that it has come and then disappeared. It means, time is the state in which phenomena, facts or living beings continue to appear. It is inscribed as motion in every particle and cell in the entire universe. We count it based on the solar system relative to the motion of its planets, cells or atoms. Revelations must continue as long as time exists and vice versa. As every exposure is a continuation of one past event, only human who can sense the unseen with intellect gains ability to travel to the first particle or to the origin of the universe. As intellectual status alone entitles one as human, only one with active intellect can grasp the revelations before him, position himself at origin of the universe, travel to this point in time, and witness the countless proofs and wisdom. Such an active mind will distinguish truth from speculations based only on causality. Far more than a law that controls every process including our thoughts, mathematics is a command and a condensed Book. Basic colours kept as 3 based on space-time-consciousness trio brings the entire material universe beneath one single law. The numbers kept as 9 and the form given to human face with positions of vision and hearing are based on this. Deciding man and woman, the laws of chromosomes and DNA, the ownership of X-chromosome being kept with both man and woman while Y- provided only to man, are based on this. If an individual is the line joining the zygote to its death, this time is its life-time. To rightly grasp the basic laws in that live presence, most important revealed geometric forms appear in Ch:02 and covers. They include the Earth we live on, our deeds during the prescribed time and the ways of conduct with the unseen laws that created the universe. Laws revealed as depictions convey direct, unending interpretations. It is time to begin reading these Signs. What is more delightful than to realise that the Ultimate Guidance appears before us with the support of every universal phenomenon known to us! To enter the extensive areas of Ceenom, a team of dedicated, competent intellects with representation from every human group needs to be formed at once.


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