03 Ceenom: The Evidence



FIRST CAUSE: As the cause behind the formation of the first particle is the cause behind the organisation of the universe, that single Cause is more profound than the entire universal phenomena. In every atom and cell, energy and life, in the reasons and modes of their functioning, mathematics operates ceaselessly. Hence, mathematics is the universe. It acted behind the formation of the first particle too. Only space and time were present then; for them to be functional, the unseen consciousness too was necessary. Time is a feeling that shows the live state of energy and motion. In this mathematical law in consciousness, time acts as energy, and space as the medium of functioning. In the absence of anything besides these three, a sublime law from an unseen Commanding Source acted as the Cause. That cannot but be from a Commanding Source. The only possibility there was to have a flow of energy in space; the same mathematics exists even now. The universe originated from either a single particle or countlessly many but all at one time, from the cloudy infinite atmosphere to the present form with billions of stars, galaxy clusters and black holes. Black hole handles in every nanosecond far more energy than myriad galaxy clusters together, and will guide us to the First Cause. They will fetch facts for thought before the intellect. While exploring the origin of the universe, should we think about the first particle or before it, a First Cause? Know that the First Cause is before the first particle. The only system that deserves to be led to the First Cause is the human mind. We know that an unseen Supreme Phenomenon or Power acts as the Cause behind transactions of known universe. Human mind moulded in the nature of intellectual scrutiny toils to reach to the initial stages of ways of functioning of the Supreme Power. The great endeavours of scientific world strive to redefine ‘mass’ and ‘energy’ at CERN and LIGO. Human is the only species that can realise that these are possible only by an infinite single Source that has control over every particle in the universe at the tiniest level. The achievements in mass and time phases by CERN and LIGO have further clarified the paths to space and time. With all achievements, the stage that we have now reached is the dormant condition of a sleeping person with mass (space) and energy (time). We will recognise him as he wakes up with consciousness in that body and life. We see the universe today with every particle asleep with its mass and energy. But it is based on a precise Consciousness that each particle and this great universe has originated and exists. As we recognise that Consciousness, the live universe with no lifelessness anywhere begins to speak. Let us call this discourse the Commandments of the Creator. As the unseen infinite First Cause is the Supreme Power, and human is the only species in the universe created by that Cause with unequalled ability to think about the Supreme Power, human mind is the single unseen effect that resulted from that Great Cause.


BASIC HUES: Golden ratio is an ordering of numbers; it indicates the structure and state of matter. Geometry is a combination of lines and curves and denotes motion. Motion relates energy and time. Consciousness, the primary cause, can enter only when matter (space) and life (time) are complete in it. The distinct form of face given to each individual is a strict order. We distinguish it precisely among countless faces. Human provided with ultimate intellect and ability to think about true laws of the unseen is the ‘cause’ for the creation of the universe. A form that represents human must denote his/her consciousness and the common human face, and must include the golden ratio (space) and geometry (time). The Essential Signs depicted in Ch:02 denote space-time-consciousness, the own forms of golden ratio and geometry, and form of human face. Some of them are drawn as evolved and others with calligraphic mathematical forms as content. Scriptures caution us about Signs revealed in drawn form. Human is the only species that can think intellectually beyond time about the eternal unseen Supreme Consciousness while staying in the unseen spiritual domain and learn facts by probing into causal relations of universal phenomena. We need to begin reading into a phase when just as cells testify to living beings, chemical elements testify to the material universe. If the great phenomenon called the universe got evolved, began functional and is maintained for the sublime creation the human is true, the exposure of the infinite, profound and compact Book that describes every fact prescribed for that mind is much more important than the formation of the first particle of the physical universe. This phase of first entry of human to the destined abode is far more significant than the successful landing of a space craft on a remote planet after repeated failures. The three fundamental feelings that cannot be eliminated from the mind even if we wipe out the entire material universe are: space, time, consciousness. Denoting these 3, every particle is accompanied by the 3 basic hues: red, green and blue. On Earth, the soil, foliage and sky represent these. As a particle exists only as long as its mass, energy and deed exist, and as the three hues denote these 3, a particle cannot exist without these 3 basic hues is a law. Thus the 3 hues are the basis for the existence of a particle, and so the universe. As space, time, consciousness is made a law for human mind, and as the strict rule prevents the mind to elude the law of colour, it is impossible to eliminate space, time, consciousness from the mind. The state of the 3 hues existing as the 3 feelings of space, time, consciousness is termed the live state. Multiplying these 3 by the 3 hues provides the 9 stages of mathematics; these 9 govern every particle. Beyond nine (9) we lose it in salvation (nullity, 0).


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