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Revelation of Essential Wisdom Intensely Awaited from First Human

As the cause behind the formation of the first particle is the cause behind the organisation of the universe, that single Cause is more profound than the entire universal phenomena. In every atom and cell, energy and life, in the reasons for their functioning, and in making them work the way they must, mathematics functions ceaselessly. Hence, mathematics is the universe. We know it acted behind the formation of the first particle too. What was its medium of functioning then? It was indeed not another particle. At that stage, only space and time were present; for them to be functional, consciousness too was necessary. But consciousness can exist only in the “unseen”. Time is recognised as a feeling that shows the live state of energy and motion. In this mathematical law in consciousness, time acts as energy, and space as the medium of functioning. In the absence of anything besides these three, a sublime law in the unseen has acted as the cause. That cannot but be from a Commanding Source. The only possibility there was to have a flow of energy in space; the same mathematics exists even now. The universe originated from either a single particle or countlessly many but all at one time, from the cloudy infinite atmosphere to the present form with billions of stars, galaxy clusters and black holes. Let “black hole” indicate the extensive, intricate and profound causal relations that existed at first, continue now and ever. It handles in every nanosecond far more energy than myriad galaxy clusters together, and will guide us to the first cause behind the origin of the universe. The only system that deserves to be led to the first cause is the human mind. The black holes will fetch facts for thought before the intellect. While exploring the origin of the universe, should we think about particles or before them, a first cause? Know that the first cause is before the first particle. With the knowledge of the first cause, let us begin to read the great Book called the universe. Humankind is greatly indebted to the innumerable dedicated scientists and the extensive experimentations for all the precious knowledge gathered until now about particles to galaxies. We exist upon this solar system and think about the unseen supreme truth with a tiny part of the Original Consciousness. Mathematics has not disclosed the cause for its formation yet except its value or positions. We call a particular mathematical order the golden ratio; so far, it just had a mathematical structure but not a form of its own. Colour is known to be a command from the Source; light and matter are made the reason for it to appear. The three basic colours represent space, time and consciousness; expanding its value thrice again based on space-time-consciousness, we obtain the 9 stages or digits; the natural numbers and golden sequence meet at 5; and this when added to itself dissolves in fulfilment. These laws existed before the formation of particles and not after. Testifying evidences are recorded precisely upon the Sun, the planets, in their arrangements, active signs and phenomena, in myriad happenings on the Earth, in nature and species, in the way human body is organised, in the inner constitution of atoms and cells, and in the entire universe. A part of the signs revealed from laws of mathematics and geometry in fundamental laws and “own form” of the golden ratio perceived with the five senses and inner vision, with logic and rules of accessing the unseen, is included overleaf. The “human face”, distinct from everything else in the universe, is realised to be a depiction of laws of space, time and consciousness and a form of the golden ratio. It is also a system intended to gather, testify and expose the instructions of the Unseen. It reveals human deeds markedly as masculine and feminine. These pages must be revisited by a mind that goes steadily through this Message with absolute attention and supreme intellection. We read now about us, about why we are here and what our final destination is. Answer to this intellectual enquiry that began from the first human is getting obtained. The journey to the true, intended human destination commences.


Our body and life acquire the mathematics they need for existence; consciousness draws it too, but to an incomparably greater extent. In the absence of consciousness, the body slips into sleep, unconsciousness or coma. During coma, nature is burdened to preserve the body for the return of consciousness. As no other consciousness can enter a body, it cannot be put to any other use until the return of its consciousness; and as life persists the body cannot be recycled either. Although the body and life are invaluable, they are trivial when compared to consciousness. The measure of mathematics that acts in matter and energy within a particle or in the entire universe is unthinkably huge. Drowsiness and inaction do not affect them as they are not prescribed in their laws. The measure of mathematics behind the universe’s consciousness is incomparably immense. It is consciousness that retains an atom, cell or a planet in its path. It is this underlying law that we name as particle or the universe. As consciousness is in the unseen, the entire visible universe turns insignificant in comparison. We may wonder what the ‘unseen’ is. This is like a fish looking for water or we, surrounded by air, searching for atmosphere. The place intended for soul is the “unseen”. We only enter the live physical body from the unseen and return after fulfilling our deeds. Each day, our consciousness stays away leaving behind the body and life; it may return the moment the two are disturbed, for protecting the system or for completing its deeds. The soul guards the two from accidents; hence, we are unable to escape accidents while unconscious. Were we not in the unseen or were we travelling from the visible to the unseen and back, the soul should have remained here before our birth and after death. Hence, the unseen is our permanent abode and not the place we frequent. As we are a depiction of the unseen, and as human is the only species with intellect allowed to enter the unseen systems and true mathematics of the universe, let us try to learn a little. If a baby in the womb is asked about its stay it promptly replies, “This and only this can be my abode, safe and quiet”. But after a certain stage, the same baby utters, “I cannot stay here a moment longer”. Based on laws of space-time-consciousness, that was the first womb, the first essential phase. The second phase we are now in is not possible without completing the first. This is the ‘womb’ of the time phase; in this system as vast as the universe, we are surrounded by visible, live lessons about the unseen. We must enter the third consciousness phase. The first was the necessary step for the present; the present is the preparatory stage for the third “unseen” phase, our true destination. The sign shown above has evolved out of 3 and its 3 multiples making up the 9 stages of unique mathematics and fundamental systems of both mathematics and golden ratio. The digit 3 designates space, time, consciousness, the foundation of mathematics; the mathematical operators denote the related laws of the universe. In short, mathematics represents mathematics itself, and is intricate and profound. The measure of mathematics behind the universe and its energy are trivial when compared to mathematics underlying consciousness that acts above the entire mass and energy. In the absence of consciousness, mathematics needed for mass and energy in a body alone functions. But, as consciousness enters, it extends boundlessly. A particle gets the mass and energy it needs; its consciousness keeps it functional for all its time. The universe gathered matter and energy for the entire visible world; but its consciousness remains in the unseen as a fundamental fact and an existing system in reality. This thinking process is as complex as multiplying infinity by itself. As we are at the earliest stages of intellection, it is necessary to undergo a rigorous preparation with complete dedication. We cannot but enter it; we are here only to enter it. The sublime Message to fulfil this birth obligation of human is getting revealed. The most exciting of all expeditions humankind has ever undertaken commences.


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